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Emergency Dentistry

Dental pain can be the worst kind of pain possible and our team is dedicated to making room in our schedule to treat a dental emergency. Our staff at Houston dental smiles is always ready for the unexpected, and when your dental emergency arises, you could trust us to be ready to fix your painful problem.

We are fully aware that these dental emergencies are fairly common, and if you are located near one of our locations in Houston, TX please call ask immediately to schedule a walk-in appointment.

Dental emergency cases can be any of the following:

-Damaged or chipped teeth
-Cracked teeth
-Erupted wisdom tooth pain
-Tooth loss
-Bitten lip or tongue
-Inflammation or pain in the face mouth or cheeks
-Persistent tooth pain

To learn more about coming in as an Emergency Walk-In, please call us to schedule an appointment with our doctors.

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